Northern Ohio Political Action Committee (NOMPAC) 2014 Election Information


Judicial Races

This election information is provided to members of the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland & Northern Ohio (AMCNO) to assist physicians in becoming involved in the Ohio Supreme Court and the judicial races in Northern Ohio. 


NOMPAC Endorses Justices Kennedy and French for the Ohio Supreme Court

The AMCNO political action committee – the Northern Ohio Political Action Committee (NOMPAC) – seeks to support judicial candidates who have a philosophy of judicial restraint, who interpret the law and not make the law, leaving public policy matters up to the legislative branch of government.

The NOMPAC is pleased to endorse Justices Sharon Kennedy and Judith French in their bid for re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court. Prior to 2002, the Ohio Supreme Court was considered an “activist” court, one that “legislated from the bench.” At that time, four of the seven justices consistently voted to overturn tort reform. In 2002, Ohio was declared a medical liability crisis state. Physicians were forced to leave Ohio or retire early because they couldn’t find affordable medical liability insurance.

Beginning in 2003, when the make-up of the Court changed, the medical community successfully worked with legislators to pass more than 20 different tort reforms.

The effects of medical liability reforms have been significant:

o Medical liability premiums have decreased;

o Medical liability closed claims are down;

o The majority of the Ohio Supreme Court is described as a court that believes in judicial restraint; and

o Due to this philosophical majority, this Court has upheld tort reform when challenged by the plaintiff’s bar.

Two seats are now up for election this November. Justices Kennedy and French seek re-election to the court. Their values of judicial restraint and conservative judicial philosophies are needed to guide the Supreme Court in an uncertain time.

It is important to re-elect Justice Sharon Kennedy and Justice Judith French this year — to protect a conservative court that will not legislate from the bench. If these candidates fail at being elected to the Supreme Court this November, the court will lose its conservative majority and tort reform legislation will certainly come under attack. There has never been a more important time to lend your support. 

It is imperative that we elect members of the Supreme Court who understand the importance of strengthening and defending our tort reform laws—and Justices French and Kennedy are the best candidates to do that. The NOMPAC supports Justices French and Kennedy for re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Visit Justice French's website and Justice Kennedy's website for more information and additional background on the candidates.


Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas

Judge Pamela Barker (R) (recommended)

Mr. Matthew McMonagle (R) (recommended) 

The NOMPAC made the recommendations in these judicial races based upon a number of public sources as well as information provided by the candidates themselves.


Ohio State and Senate Seats

Physician leaders from the AMCNO participated in several Northern Ohio state legislator candidate interviews along with representatives from the Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA). After reviewing close to 100 state races, including the races in Northern Ohio, the OSMA hand-selected candidates who they believe will best fight for physician issues and who will strive to strengthen the role of the physician. To view the list of candidates supported by the OSMAPAC,click here.

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