AMA STEPS Forward™ Saving Time Playbook Offers Strategies to Improve Practice Efficiencies

Physician burnout is an epidemic in the U.S. healthcare system, and time spent on non-patient-facing tasks in a clinician’s workday is contributing heavily to the problem. But saving time cannot be accomplished by simply telling physicians to become more efficient. Timesaving efforts need to come from organizational leaders who can affect large-scale change. Containing highlights from nine AMA STEPS Forward™ toolkits, the Saving Time Playbook offers strategies and tips that can significantly improve efficiencies in your practice.

Report: Supporting and Promoting High-Performing Physician-Owned Private Practices

The AMA has partnered with Mathematica, a global research and policy organization, to analyze and assess the factors that create and sustain high-performing, physician-owned private practices. The report highlights the findings from this qualitative research and provides insights into the nature of high-performing private practices, advantages and challenges to the practice model, and the changes that physicians in private practice foresee. The report concludes that physician-owned practices will continue to be an integral part of the health care ecosystem, but the success of the model will require the commitment and efforts of policymakers, educators, professional organizations, and other groups to remove obstacles and create equitable opportunities for success.