This voter’s guide created by the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland and Northern Ohio (AMCNO) is meant as an informational reference for the upcoming elections on November 8, 2022. The AMCNO is not endorsing any of the following candidates. This document is meant solely as an informational guide about the candidates and their healthcare aims.

Check your voter registration status at https://voterlookup.ohiosos.gov/voterlookup.aspx, and register to vote at https://olvr.ohiosos.gov/. Voting districts have changed since the last election, so check which district you are in at https://findmydistrict.ohiosos.gov/.

Information is also included on current politicians’ votes for the following AMCNO priority legislation: Read the details on each candidate here.

Senate Bill 23: Abortion Restrictions – under the previous General Assembly 133

  • This law prohibits abortion in almost all circumstances if there is a detectable heartbeat in the fetus.
  • The AMCNO opposed this legislation.

House Bill 435: Anti-Vaccination

  • This legislation would broaden vaccine exemptions in Ohio to allow most Ohio workers and students to refuse a COVID-19 vaccine requirement with a simple written statement. It would also prohibit state, county, and municipal public facilities from requiring proof of vaccination before entry.
  • The AMCNO opposes this legislation.
Senate Bill 22: Public Health Orders
  • This law establishes legislative oversight over health orders, including blocking the health department form issuing any stay-at-home orders like those at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It also allows legislators to vote down health orders or emergency declarations without the governor’s approval.
  • The AMCNO opposes this legislation.
House Bill 122: Telehealth
  • This legislation expanded telehealth availability in Ohio by requiring health plans to reimburse healthcare professionals for providing covered telehealth services and expanding the classes of healthcare providers who are authorized to provide telehealth services.
  • The AMCNO supported this legislation.
House Bill 135: Patient Co-Pays
  • This bill would prohibit certain health insurance cost-sharing practices like copay accumulation problems. This includes outlawing the refusal to use coupons or copays toward an out-of-pocket maximum.
  • The AMCNO supports this legislation.
Senate Bill 6: Interstate Medical Compact
  • This law entered Ohio into the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact allowing physicians to quickly apply for and attain medical licensure in other participating states.
  • The AMCNO supported this legislation.