It is a long-standing tradition of the Academy of Medicine of Cleveland to present annual awards to recognize the incredible contributions of physicians and allied professionals in the field of medicine. This year, awards will be presented at our annual Physician Appreciation Night, Friday Sept. 22nd. If you know of an individual whom you would like to nominate for these awards, please use the following form. Self-nominations will also be considered. Deadline for nominations is Friday September 1, 2023.

Who can nominate:
Current active members of the AMCNO can nominate one person for each award.

How to nominate:
Please complete the form below. Only nominations received by the due date will be considered.
The strongest nominations include detailed responses that shed light on the nominee's qualities. 

How are recipients selected?
Recipients are selected by the AMCNO Executive Committee.

Are recipients required to attend in person?
We strongly encourage recipients to attend the award reception.

Submit your Nominations Today!