AMCNO President Dr. Kristin Englund Testifies on HB 248

In a previous e-blast, we highlighted House Bill 248, a gravely concerning piece of state legislation against ALL vaccinations, not just for COVID-19.

This week, AMCNO President Dr. Kristin Englund, an infectious disease physician, visited the Statehouse to provide opponent testimony before the Ohio House Health Committee. You can view her testimony here. We encourage you to watch the full 3-minute video. Dr. Englund did an incredible job in the face of a hostile committee.

The Ohio Capital Journal also covered the session in this article.

There is still time for physicians to weigh in on this bill. Another hearing is scheduled for next week, and we need your help.

The goal is to get at least 500 opponent testimonies for these hearings. And testimony needs to come from physicians—the AMCNO cannot submit testimony on your behalf.

To submit your WRITTEN-ONLY testimony:

  • The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) has created a Testimony Template (a Word doc you can download) to use. You can submit this form as is, or use it as a starting point, and add more information based on your clinical perspective. Please note: Add your name (where it says "[NAME]") to the top of the document before you submit your testimony. 
  • To submit your testimony, please also fill out the top portion of this committee Witness Information Form. Then attach BOTH your testimony and witness form when you send an email to Rep. Scott Lipps at [email protected]. Your testimony will NOT be accepted without the witness form. 
  • For your testimony to be included in next week's hearing on June 22, please submit your two forms by Saturday, June 19, at 5 pm

If you need additional guidance on what to add to your testimony, OSMA has compiled some optional supplemental information. Please keep in mind that testimony submitted for legislative hearings becomes public record. 

Your testimony is important to help stop the misinformation and conspiracy theories that have been spreading like wildfire at the Statehouse. Help us set the record straight--vaccines save lives.