Happy Doctors' Day! AMCNO sincerely appreciates our members and all physicians for their tireless efforts. We salute all physicians for their dedication to the profession.

If you could tell your doctor one thing, what would it be?

Thank a Doctor!

Here are some very special thank you notes that have been submitted


Dr. Amy Teleron (Cleveland Clinic):
As a medical student, Dr. Teleron was exemplary in her interactions with patients, empathizing with them and explaining their management succinctly in an understandable way. She then took the time to sit down with residents and students to dive into the deeper details of one patient's management and magnify it in context of general disease states and established best practice

Dr. Marie Schaefer (Cleveland Clinic):
Thank you Dr. Schaefer for all of your hard work keeping our athletes healthy! Sports injuries can be hard to overcome but with the right guidance and encouragement anything is possible!

Dr. Victoria Cornette (Cleveland Clinic Willoughby Hills FHC):
Dr. Cornette,Thank you for always being kind and attentive. You always LISTEN and provide excellent care!

Dr. Neil Smith (Cleveland Clinic Fairview Hospital):
Dr. Smith is a sound leader who has went above and beyond to take check in on families of patients admitted.

Dr. Scott Gabbard (Cleveland Clinic):
Dr. Gabbard is an excellent GI physician, and helped me navigate a difficult diagnosis for a rare condition. He was patient, empathetic and thorough.                                        

Dr. Kristin Englund (Cleveland Clinic):
Dr. Englund was such a steady voice and leader during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her expertise as an infectious disease physician was critical in understanding how COVID-19 was affecting our region, and how we could all do our part to stay safe. 

Dr. Mary Frances Haerr (University Suburban Gynecologists, Inc.):
Dr. Haerr is such a kind, compassionate physician. Her work on international women's health, particularly in helping decrease maternal mortality in Guyana is one example of her kindness and her commitment to a healthier world for all mothers.